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I believe in story, in hope, in new beginnings, in our past being rewritten, all the details turned upside down. I believe in God making us beautiful and glorious, despite all the mistakes we’ve made, despite all the ways we’ve ever messed up. I believe in community, in sisters who come alongside each other and encourage each other. I believe in surrendering, in dying to self, in giving up false beliefs about God and about myself. I believe in helping women pursue and live in the reality of their true identity: one of God’s girls.

I’m Jennifer, a girl who found her beginning rewritten in 2009, when community gathered around me and showed me a God I had never knew: a Father who doesn’t turn away, who doesn’t stop loving, who pursues and relentlessly loves and desires to see His children whole and healed.

Decades ago, at 16 years old, I sat under an almond tree and made a choice to do things my own way, no matter what the cost.  And it was disastrous. But here’s the thing. God never left.

He loves us, friend, no matter what.

I live in the Bay Area of Northern California, with my husband and three awesome kids — a family that the Father uses to stretch me beyond myself, my selfishness, my self-centeredness and pride.

Here we are, a few springs ago:

Family polaroid

And here we are a little more recently:


There is nothing like being in community, no matter what it looks like, to be pushed and stretched — shaped into the person the Father created us to be.

I write about that here.

And this is good, but I know how change — and the death to self — can be so painful, too.

So I write, to remind myself of the truth of my identity, in Christ, and to join together, with you, as His girls, listening close, writing it down, and then speaking from the heart He gives to claim and live out that truth in my life.

I am so grateful to be sharing in this adventure with you. Come on over to Gather Ministries, where you’ll get all the good stuff-including the scoop on how to subscribe to the Gather Ministries podcast on marriage, called Holy Entanglement.

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Writing & Speaking my Mind

You can find me writing at Gather’s blog for women about identity, surrender, community, and adventure with God, about three times a week, as well as over at iBelieve. Click here to find me at Gather.

One of my favorite things to do is write Loop, a twice-a-week email devotional. You can find more about Loop and download my eBook, Begin, for free, right here.

In addition, I join up with my husband, Justin, as we talk each Tuesday about the hot mess of marriage.

meet jennifer collage 3.jpgSpeaking

I love writing, but I also love sharing with groups of women, face to face. Send me a note if you’d like me to come and speak with your group or at your event.

Other fun places to connect:

Facebook: Like Gather  Ministries and we’ll hang out a few times a day, almost every day, every week.

Twitter: JenniferJCamp

Pinterest: JenniferJCamp

Instagram: JenniferJCamp

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