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This is one of those posts where I type words with eyes closed. It’s the only way I know how to slow down. I want to hear. I want to not be on a tread mill. I want to breathe deep and know freedom is real.

It’s not just a dream is it?

what a wonderful world

We do work, and we do love. We do going and moving fast and it is oh-so-hard, to stop.

I struggle to let soft breezes blow on my face. I struggle to feel sunshine. I struggle to sit down and know I am captured, here. I am chosen, here. I am pursued and wanted, here.

So many words fly by in this internet space. I love it, and I tire of it. It amazes me how information is so readily available to us–how we know the news a second after it occurs. And we fill up our minds with information so we can be educated and informed and with-it and smart. I do this. I want to be filled up and smart.

And I struggle to let Him in. I struggle to let in my God, the one here, right here–but whom I ask (when I remember), to stay close, to keep up. I’ve got a lot to do and I want to do it with Him and the day is going by so fast and the list of things to do is long and the kids are almost home.

Has this been a good day, Father? Can you show me what it means to have a good day?

You closed your eyes last night, telling Me you missed me. You rolled over and you asked Me to tuck you in. So I did.  I pulled the sheet up close around your face, and I leaned in ever-softly and I whispered it so you could hear it: Yes, my daughter, I am here.

You tell Me you miss Me and how you feel the days are flying by. You tell Me you miss Me, and you feel like you’re on a treadmill and is this any way to live?

You tell me you miss Me, and I want to dry your tears and tell you I am here and you are okay.


You can miss Me. You don’t have to chase Me.

I am right here.

But you need to know something. You love something more than Me.

You know what it is.

You love success more than Me. You love achievement more than Me. You love accomplishment and victory more than Me. You push and pull for the task to get done and you worry if you are smart enough or good enough for the thing to be completed. And that’s what you care about. Because you worship something other than Me: Success. And that is what makes any person weary. That is what makes any person work and work with little feeling of accomplishment.

I am your strength, my darling. I am your captain, your friend, your Father, your King. I am your hand holder, your path walker, your trail clearer. I am your guide, your hope, your need taker. I am your vision, your desire, your rest, your soft breeze. I am the one whose kiss at night soothes you, whose hand holding yours strengthens you, whose walking next to you emboldens you.

My daughter, breathe deeply now. I am here. Let’s work together; let’s walk together; let’s be together.

Yes, you miss Me, but no more. No more missing.

You are found. When you feel missing because you think I am missing but you are the one missing, remember you are who is found.

So, I am here. And you can feel the breeze on your skin and let the sunshine fall on your face. In every darkness I bring light. In every crowded room I bring fresh air to breathe. It is time for new thoughts, a new way of doing things.

Try Me. Choose Me. Want Me.

I am here.

Do you fall weary into bed most days? Oh, how this makes a lot of things clear for me, about why I do. And now, I’ve got some things to lay down. . . It’s different for each of us, I know–these things that make us miss God. What about you?

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  • Barbie

    Oh yes, I miss Him, but only because I’ve gone missing. I relate, to every…single…word! Hugs!

    • Jennifer Camp

      Hi, sweet friend! Oh, let’s not be missing . . . I love how we are not missing . . . We are found! He is here! I love how He turns our hearts around and shows us His presence, His loving pursuit. But now I must choose to receive His love. I must choose Him, this day. Thank you so much for your encouragement and kindness and love. Happy Easter, Barbie!

  • Beth

    Your words always speak right to my heart. So thankful for you and THANKFUL for a God who is always with us. Easter blessings to you.

    • Jennifer Camp

      Yes! He is always here! He never leaves! He loves to be with us! Amazing. Bless you, sweet Beth. Thank you so much for your blessing. I pray you have the most beautiful Easter with Him!

  • Amy Avery

    Dear friend, Your words are so true for so many including me. But what I see here is a vulnerability that you have given into in allowing God to use your words to speak to the hearts of so many. That is laying it down. You write in this place and you allow God to give grace to all of us who come here. He is whispering to you, “Thank you my daughter for being my voice. Thank you for clinging to me and coming to me and allowing me to cover you over and over and over again with my unending grace. Those words you fear that I have told you about you chasing success over me, those are words of fear, that you have not loved me perfectly, but oh how you have and do as you time and time again return to me and trust in me. Your success is in the returning to me, in the knowing that I live deep within your very heart, in the trusting of me to use your weariness to touch the hearts of others who too seek a drink of my refreshing grace. Your success is where your weakness meets my hand and I turn it for my glory. I love that you trust in me enough to share this with the entire world. Rest in my presence my dear, you are my beloved.”

    • Jennifer Camp

      Oh, wow, Amy . . . each and every word I am soaking up now, so gratefully. And this line I carry with me, “Your success is where your weakness meets my hand and I turn it for my glory”. Breathless now, sister. Thank you, thank you. xoxo

  • Betty

    As I sat here catching up on the many devotionals I read and debating whether to go work out, I stop here and know that I desperately need to just sit with my Lord today. Thank you Jennifer, for allowing Him to speak to me (us) through you. May you too have a good day.

    • Jennifer Camp

      You encourage me, Betty! I have adopted ‘desperate’ as one of my favorite words, reminding me how good it is to be aware of my need for Him more than anything else! Thank you and bless you. Happy Easter!

      • Betty

        Happy Easter to you too!

  • Sheri Stewart

    “for it was in my missing that I find HIM over and over…”
    as a child wandering amongst
    my mothers closet filled with her colors and scent
    i would find HIM
    tucked inside her shoes
    upon her soft sweater
    HIS message was there
    and for me, as a small child, it was love…
    growth and teenage years in Lutheran Schools
    helped strengthen my bond
    and I could find HIM in every nook and cranny of the building
    yet when I left it
    other voices beckoned my young soul
    to defy
    go against
    be crazy
    and at times i followed
    and then I felt HIM
    saw HIS hand
    and fell back into HIS sweet soft comfort
    the word success is found in adult vocabulary only
    i dislike it completely
    for what is a success to one is not to another…
    for me
    failure has been the word which surrounded me
    for this is what I was taught i was my entire life
    and through it all God held me-
    spoke to me
    whispered to me
    cradled me
    loved me
    forgave me
    and one day HE whispered to me
    “Sheri, Live True…”
    i have blossomed
    and grown into a colorful
    by being still
    and listening to only HIM
    I get advice every day on how to “grow my business….”
    but God calls me in another direction
    HE guides me
    and I listen
    for the first time in my 52 years
    Jennifer, you are awesome and your words i look forward to and soak up like a puppy in the sunshine. Thank you..

    • Jennifer Camp

      Oh, Sheri–“the word success is found in adult vocabulary only”, and your words beckon me back to the seeing and enjoying Him that comes from the faith of a child. Thank you and bless you, friend. Happy Easter!

  • KimberlyAmici

    Just what I needed. I find myself overwhelmed with all I WANT to do and not enough time to do it. Tired of chasing accomplishment instead of Him. Thanks!

    • Jennifer Camp

      Thank you, Kimberly! Yes, me too. I think I need to read those words again. :) xo

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