Forgetting Myself : : {day 10} found treasure

 In 31 Days to Forgetting Myself

Sometimes forgetting oneself means sorting through the chaos — noisy clanking pieces jumbled in scattered array.

Bent low searching, the right pieces pursued.  Determined to uncover wisdom when order isn’t clear.

For you know there is your not-so-small gem of a story to be whispered and sung within the magnificent-humble larger {One}.

There is beauty here to be worked out.

For you are claimed, the not-forgotten piece of this story found and treasured.

And as you seek to forget to see that He didn’t, the merged stories are finally read.

This gift of healed up, perfect grace.

So glad you are here with me as I find my way these 31 Days! Here is where you can jump in, and begin reading from the beginning.

Also, have you read Barbie’s journey on Abiding for 31 Days? Her beautiful heart encourages me so.

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  • robinjohnsonsimpson

    I needed to hear your words this morning, sweet friend.

    "There is beauty here to be worked out."

    I'm in a spot right now where all I see is the jumble of letters, and your words are balm.

    • oneofHisgirls

      Oh, Robin, I am praying for you. He has such good things in store, faithful one!

  • Barbie

    I love your reminders that there is beauty still to be worked out in my life. Thank you for the link back. Have a beautiful day!

    • oneofHisgirls

      Yes, I had to point back to you! Thanks, Barbie! :)

  • Theresa

    Thank you. This is such a beautiful reminder that I am not forgotten.

    • oneofHisgirls

      Thank you, Theresa. Yes, how I need to remember this, too!

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