How to Write a Love Letter

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Love Letters

Dear Father,

As Valentine’s Day approaches, my counter becoming full of red paper and glue and bits of  ribbon, You know how I desire to write a love letter to You; I want to invite Your girls to join me in an adventure together in writing  love letters to You.  But I know that these letters, which can look like words on a page, or which can look like something completely different, begin and end with You in us.  I can’t write anything, do anything, without You.  There is no love in me, without You in me.  And I know You have something to say on this.  Father, my heart is open.

Father, what does it take for me to write a love letter to You?  How do I begin?  What does it contain?  Is there anything You have planned for the girls today?  Do You have anything to say to them?

[So, girls, below are instructions on how to write a love letter.  If you feel your heart tugging to step out and share what your love letter to Him looks like this week and send it to me, I will collect it here, and post them together, so, together, our love letters to Him, can be sent, as one.  I’ll be searching for mine, too.]  Here is what He says:

Love Letters

“My darlings, love letters to Me are tokens of your heart, your hearts’ response to My love for you.   The problem is that I desire more than tokens. A full heart spilling over with love for Me is what I am after.  In the sunshine and in the rain, I pour myself into You.  When you are downcast and when your heart rises to Me, I am the one who is solid, the one whom you can trust.  Swirls of words on a page are lovely to me.  your heart expressed in words.  But the language of your love is not expressed in words on a page.  The language you write in is your heart’s response to Me.  So how do you respond?

Love Letters

First, do you see what My love is for you?  How I adore you, how My gaze rests on you?  Do you know your presence with Me thrills Me, brings Me joy?  Do you know your nearness to Me unites us, and My love for you is nothing you can sever?  You can’t change it, child.  No matter what you do or where you go.

I know how you feel, getting it ‘right’, finding the right words, the right response to Me.  What do I want most?  Your trust in Me.  I see you, child, and I long for you to see Me, how I look on you.  My eyes give Me away.  I cannot hide My love for you.  It is something I cannot contain.  You bring Me joy and laughter and delight.  I love to watch you, to see where you go.  I love when you turn to Me, with open arms, heart outstretched, open, trusting, looking for Me in you.  Does it take long to find Me, when you look, sweet one?  It doesn’t take long, does it?

Heed My voice, the voice that sings over you, caresses your soul, brings nourishment and quiet and challenge and excitement.  I desire you like nothing else.  To be desired:  I have made you for that, to be desired, to be wanted, to be loved.   Love Me, child.  Abide there.  Stay there.  Rest there. Begin there.

A love letter is your heart reaching for Me, unabashedly, unhesitatingly, unapologetically, unashamedly, with confidence and excitement , glee and zeal and joy. Expectation.  It is looking outside yourself and going where I go, when I desire to go, in you.  It is using My hands that I have given you to bring love, tenderness, mercy, healing, hope.  It is to use your eyes to look on beauty, seek out beauty, in the magnificent and the small, the bright places and the dark.  Let me show you Light, in the darkness, child.  That, especially, is where My Light will shine, your love letter to Me.

Love Letters

Yes, in the dark places of your heart, let me shine there, too.  First, there is no darkness in you when I am in you–so let Me show you where the Light is, where the Light is in you.  In the places you thought were dark, let Me bring My Light.  It is bright, here, child, with Me in you.  Let me illuminate all of you, daughter.  Let My Light shine so there is no darkness.  Hold nothing back from Me–the love letters of your heart.  There it is, the not holding back, not withholding yourself, trusting Me fully, letting the Light go everywhere in you so there is no more darkness.   Opening your heart to My Light is your heart’s true response to Me, not false, not partway, but full–a full response.  I know no other.

I cannot hold back My love from You, and I will help you not hold back your love to Me.  Let me help you love Me.  Your trusting me with that is a love letter to Me.  And there, once Light has come and darkness has fled, and trust is the rock that grounds you and equips you to stand, My love will be received by you and spill over so you, also, will not be able to contain it.  And you won’t ask me,  ‘how do I write a love letter to You?’  You are the love letter.  Receive My love for you and the letter from you is already sent back to Me.

Love Letters

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